Leelanau Landscape from S Duren on Vimeo.

In his barn studio Duren creates a small painting on canvas, working from a study on paper. In this time-lapse video the one-week project is condensed to 12 minutes –– beginning to end.

Raison d'être

RAISON D'ETRE #2 from S Duren on Vimeo.

Videographer/Consulting Editor: Chuck Peterson of CHUCKFILMS

As the small town of Caledonia in west Michigan continues to grow in population, the agrarian aspects of this community are disappearing. Stephen Duren painted The Last Cow to memorialize the farmland that was Caledonia. His painting was commissioned by the Caledonia Library, which outgrew its 30-year home in a small historic church and moved into its new, LEED certified building, where the painting was unveiled on January 29, 2011.


Videographer/Consulting Editor: Chuck Peterson of CHUCKFILMS

Stephen Duren set up a temporary painting studio in the old Grand Rapids Federal Building where he worked for seven days to complete a large-scale painting. This time-lapse film compresses a week of painting into a five-minute glimpse of the creative process.

Duren writes that "The act of creating offers a different kind of magic than the experience of viewing a finished work of art. The various stages of a painting can be as compelling as the final work."

Videographer/Consulting Editor: Chuck Peterson of CHUCKFILMS

The Leelanau Conservancy works to conserve the land, water and scenic character of Michigan's Leelanau County, an area that has been the subject of Duren's paintings for many years.

The conservancy invited Duren to create a painting for their 2010 fundraiser picnic auction. He spent two days on the Newton Farm where he began five paintings, which he completed in his barn studio over the following several weeks.

The picnic’s high bidder won the opportunity to select a painting from the Newton Farm Suite.